Think green

10 eco-conscious steps

Environmental sustainability and eco-conscious mindset is important to us in our personal lives and it’s something we all wanted to take to work with us and incorporate into the hotel as well.

We’ve made many environmentally friendly choices at Hektor and pushed the limits of hospitality to not only do the most obvious but to also find solutions to those footprints that seem inevitable at the hotel.

We reduce, reuse and recycle so tomorrow would always be a little bit better. Here are 10 of our eco-conscious steps…

  • We gave a new soul to an old building
  • We have reused old shipping containers as hotel rooms
  • Our pure cotton bedding with Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex quality labels is washed with environmentally friendly products according to Greenkey standards
  • Single use plastic products in our bathrooms are replaced with refillable dispensers
  • We use Oma Care’s all-in-one body wash that’s produced in Estonia from natural ingredients
  • Our dispensers and toilet paper are made from beverage cartons by Lucart
  • The hotel’s café uses reusable glass packaging instead of single-use options
  • We carefully choose partners who deliver products package free or in reusable packaging and we always prefer local
  • We sort all of our trash to send materials into recycling. Our guests can also recycle in sorting stations in the hallways.
  • We compost all of our bio-waste and use it to fertilize plants in the hotel

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