Sleep without worries.

We’ll take care of you.

We want our guests to feel safe and cared for in our hotel. The precautions we take are as follows:

  • We keep your room empty at least 72 hours before check-in as recommended by WHO in case any surfaces or textiles in the room have been in contact with viruses or bacteria.
  • In addition to thorough cleaning we disinfect PIN pads, TV remotes, light switches and all most used surfaces in the room after guest check-out.
  • Clean air in the hotel lobby and open kitchen is ensured with Winix air purifiers.
  • Hotel linen is washed in a professional laundry house, where after the washing all textiles are calendered in 200 degrees which removes all bacteria and viruses.
  • We have safe ventilation: air input comes 100% from outside air and there is no air circulation between hotel rooms.
  • All commonly used surfaces in hotel open spaces are disinfected several times per day.
  • We provide hand sanitizers in public toilets and open spaces.
  • Our breakfast is prepared upon request and served fresh.
  • Our staff is aware of our responsibility regarding our guest’s health. Employees with any illness symptoms stay home
  • We only welcome healthy guests who do not have virus symptoms such as fever and cough. We have a right to refuse hosting guests with those symptoms
  • Guests should notify hotel immediately if any virus symptoms appear after visiting us.

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