Your home base in Tartu

Hugo.Stay offers innovative accommodation in the center of Tartu. Our functional mini lofts with smart planning and minimalist design can be leased for both short and long stays. Whether you’re on a city vacation or want to make Tartu your home – Hugo awaits!

Ace of Space

The considered but minimalist interior design of the apartments was the brainchild of Ace of Space partner and architect Ines Käärma. This neutral approach allows anyone within the space plenty of room for thought, since no single detail dictates what goes on around it and personal features will blend seamlessly into the new environment.

“The interior architecture of the apartments was inspired by the aesthetics of Le Corbusier’s early 20th-century modernism, which has been given a light, modern interpretation. Deliberately minimalist and monochrome, but carefully planned and functional, the space gives people with get-up-and-go plenty of room to think.” Ines Käärma

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